Film of opening exhibition of "Twighlight", 3rd November 2018

Impressions finissage 28th September 2018

Photos (c) Marek Benczewski

Impressions opening exhibition of "UnMaking Characters", 1st September 2018

Yossi Gutmann performed his "Deliberations: pieces for unaccompanied viola" at ArtStudio Maria Wirth, September 2018. Three enchanting musical journeys into the world of painting!

In conversation with Maria Wirth about her artistic and scientific background, about leading motives and questions of her art and about the central idea of her ArtStudio in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

An interview from Michael Aquarius, July 2018

From the interview:

Maria Wirth on the question of the connection of her career in Humanities and Art: The idea to make art did not develope later than my studies of humanities (German philology and philosophy) but was an ongoing parallel process. Basically, I have always been interested in the meaning of the world of the sensory and the bodily-intuitive for human existence, and also in the question of how to get out of these areas, this experiential space that is not tangible, that is, in the question of how to get out of the subjective realm. This means to objectify it by artistic means so that people can talk about it. In addition, I think that art should be rich in content, it must have something to say and represent topics that concern people.


About the location of ArtStudio Maria Wirth: As a vision for this place, I imagine it will be a platform for artists, for experiencing the artistic process in its origin. And the idea is that the audience can experience how art first emerges, what it means to be an artist on the long road to the finished work of art. It is also about the idea to put the economic aspect as a benchmark for art presentation in the background to make aware that behind each work of art is a person and what drives her or him on. Each work of art is an individual case wrestling with historical, cultural and social conditions. I believe it is very important for the understanding of art to have access to it as well: that there is always a background, an individual that has its own path of suffering and its own biography.