UnMaking Characters. Since modern times, the question of the "I" has been the point of departure for the success of one's life - We are made and we are making characters.

In this exhibition, Sara Assadi (Iran), Maria Wirth (Germany) and Marek Benczewski (Poland) are inspired by the meaning complexity of the English word character to reflect contemporary ideas and experiences of the self through artistic means. The self as a "character" is personality, is an individual psyche, is expression, is imperative. It is a process that is both made and self-creating.

To make this visible, the three artists experiment with "UnMaking," that is, the deconstruction of characters. The content of her work arises from the dissolution, the unbundling of clear roles, forms and ideas.


01.09. Vernissage viola interpretations by Yossi Gutmann - 18:00-21:00


28.09. Cello Performance and Dance with Anton Halbblut & Tana Kanaka - 19:00-21:00

Talk with Sara Assadi about her current work series and the exhibition UnMaking Characters in ArtStudio Maria Wirth - opening exhibition on 1st September 2018, 18:00-21:00

A short sketch but enough to think about! Marek Benczewski, one of the artists in the "UnMaking Characters" exhibition, is an attentive detector of "Zeitgeschichte", which he focuses on with a sharp pencil tip or flowing ink pen. His works, delicately detailed and designed to challenge the viewer's mind, are thought-provoking pieces of the present. Through their sometimes poetic, sometimes grotesque gesture they become drawn metaphors of life. It is no coincidence that sometimes the essential is outside the picture.