Twilight. With the twilight everything visible is submerged in an eerie ambiguity. This transition from day to night, which makes our perceptions insecure, involves a peculiar magic and the capacity to set our imagination in motion.

The exhibition brings together works by Dana Bennewitz and Jan Beumelburg, in which the concept of "twilight" is reflected in its very different meanings. We encounter the mysterious ambivalence of dreams and ancient myths, disputes with the "unconscious" and witty solutions for a balancing act between reality and imagination.


Ideas of mystery and magic have always accompanied human societies. However, do we no longer need them today, today, in a world of economic fixation, rationalization and effectiveness? That's one of the questions this exhibition can give us.

03.11.2018 Vernissage with Nikolai Ivanov OM and Anai Valrad 18:00-21:00


Nikolai Ivanov OM, Bulgarian film composer (Awards like „Leonardo's Golden Horse“, „Best Film Music“ Los Angeles Independent Film Fest, „The Best Film Composer 2017“ Lisbon Film Festival), multi-instrumentalist and Ethno-Jazz musician, mixes modern traditions with diverse others from the space extending between jazz and vanguard, film and improvisation music, electronic styles and esoteric new age. For this, the fine song style of singer and songwriter Anai Valrad (Chile/ Germany) forms an enchanting counterpart.


01.12.2018 Finissage with Michael Aquarius and Uwe Mikulla 18:00-21:00


Michael Aquarius and Uwe Mikulla, both singers and guitar players out of the feeling of life, make the musical completion of the exhibition with songs that are inspired by the melancholy spirit of the 1960s and 1970s. Their music tells of longing, loneliness, doubt, love and passion.


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