Maria Wirth

Born in Berlin in 1987, I built up my artistic career parallel to the study of the humanities - in 2011 with B.A. German Philology and 2015 as M.A. Philosophy at the Free University of Berlin.


The figurative arrangements in my paintings, the drawings, collages and mixed-media works gain their substantive and compositional inspiration from the combination of concise observations of everyday life, autobiographical components and sentences from dreams and vagabonding imagination.


My humanities background and the collaboration with artists from other genres such as literature, theater and music play an important role in the process of re-thinking my work again and again as well as identifying supra-individual questions of contemporary life and formulating them in the medium of art.


Primarily my works of art - above all the paintings and experimental series - are philosophical positions. I understand them as "Denkstücke" that stimulate questions, discussions and critical reflections on basic issues of human life. All these themes are based on confrontations and challenges that affect my own life, but in the reflective process of artistic creation, they develop a much wider psychological, historical, philosophical and aesthetic richness. I follow a dialectical strategy that links conflicting spheres of meaning and value as well as contrasting means of expression (color, form, rhythm, materials, etc.).


To speak about a dialectic in art, for me, is not just about playing with ambivalence in meaning. Rather, it is about discovering and visualizing all the fine cracks in the thinking fabric, deepened by the keen sense of me as an artist for all the magical and intrinsic meanings of the matter with which I work.


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