Maria wirth

Born in Berlin in 1987, Maria Wirth completed, in addition to building up her artistic career, her B.A. in German Philology and M.A. Philosophy. Currently she works as freelance artist in Berlin and Istanbul, and also is active as Art Event Manager based in Berlin-Charlottenburg, ArtStudio Maria Wirth.

Impressions finissage 28th September 2018

Photos (c) Marek Benczewski

the artstudio maria wirth

Since the opening in April 2017 the ArtStudio Maria Wirth in Berlin-Charlottenburg is a creative place for producing, performing and exhibiting art. It is part of the international "ArtVision" of H.O. Nagel.


A part of the rooms is furnished as a painting studio. Directly accessible to the public, this is the every day’s working area of Maria Wirth, where all the paintings, Mixed Media works and drawings with bigger format are produced. Also during exhibition time the Studio stays open for the audience to give immediate insight into the processes of art creation taking place here.


The other part of the rooms works as a gallery. Its high, bright walls and the elegant design make the exhibition space of ArtStudio Maria Wirth ideal to present works of art. Regularly we organize art events including not only exhibitions of fine arts but also music, literature and performance events.