curriculum vitae

Maria Wirth, artist Berlin
(c) Christian Wewerka

1987 born in Berlin/ Staaken | from an early age enthusiastic about drawing and painting


2007-11 Bachelor's degree in German Philology and Philosophy, Free University of Berlin

Thematic focus:

 Theories of memory, Walter Benjamin, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Sigmund Freud 

 Connection between corporeality, thought and imagination

May 2011 Graduation B.A. German Philology and Philosophy

 Creation of first own texts


2011-15 Master's degree in Philosophy, Free University of Berlin

Thematic focus: 

 Phenomenology, theories of corporeality, Edmund Husserl, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Hermann Schmitz, Helmuth Plessner

 Aesthetics, perception and imagination, Gernot Böhme, Jean-Paul Sartre

 Alienation and identity, Rahel Jaeggi, Michel Foucault

 Myth/ mythical consciousness, C.G. Jung, Henri Bergson, Gaston Bachelard


2011-14 Project-related work contracts for the Phenomenology, Ethics and Interdisciplinary Gender Studies department under Prof Hilge Landweer, FU Berlin


2013 Work with body-oriented acting and conflict dramaturgy as part of the production of Jean Racine's tragedy "Phaedra", THEATER.REDUX in the amateur theatre "Kleines Theater Falkensee"


Since 2013 alongside her studies to date: work as a freelance artist in studios in Berlin, from 2017 to 2019 in parallel in Istanbul | Exhibitions in cultural centres and galleries in Potsdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Istanbul, including Kulturhaus Babelsberg Potsdam, Lettrétage Berlin, ART Vision Gallery Istanbul, Artifact Gallery New York, Galerie feinart berlin, Galerie Sheriban Türkmen Berlin


2014-15 Drawing studies at collection of antique sculpture, Berlin-Charlottenburg


May 2015 Graduation M.A. Philosophy

— Thesis topic: "The laughing and crying body. On the significance of corporeality for the person in Helmuth Plessner and Hermann Schmitz"


2015-16 Teacher for art, Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium, Falkensee


2015-17 Study of art history and social and cultural anthropology, FU Berlin


2019 USA: Presentation of own artworks at the art fairs ArtExpo New York and SPECTRUM Miami


2021 ArtExpo Zurich


2022 Member of Bundesverband Bildender Künstler Berlin (BBK)


2023 new work series and texts in process:

- Dolls and artificial alter egos (Unica Zürn, Hans Bellmer)

- Sailing houses

 - Cherry blossom pictures



"Maria Wirth, Dramas on Canvas 2012-2017", Berlin 2017, ISBN 978-3-940021-81-6

"Figures as Ornaments. Maria Wirth", Begleitheft zur Ausstellung, Galerie feinart berlin, Berlin 2019

„Maria Wirth“, in: Otto Nagel Art Collection 01, Istanbul 2019, S. 156-195 



12/2023 "Puppet garden" | Galerie feinart berlin

12/2022 Sibyl smile. C.D. Aschaffenburg and Maria Wirth | Galerie feinart berlin

12/2021 Wunschmaschinen | Galerie feinart berlin

10/2021 Nimmernacht | Galerie Sheriban Türkmen, Berlin

09/2020 Welcome to my zoo | Galerie feinart berlin

12/2019 Spectrum Miami, USA

11/2019 No bodies but minds | Galerie feinart berlin

09/2019 Monaco Yacht Show | Galerie feinart berlin

05/2019 Figures as Ornaments | Galerie feinart berlin

04/2019 ArtExpo New York

09/2018 UnMaking Characters | Galerie feinart berlin

02-04/2018 Surreal Gardens between Baku and Berlin | Galerie feinart berlin

11/2017 3 TAGE KUNST. Messe für Gegenwartskunst | Kommunale Galerie Berlin

05-07/2017 SuiSides, opening exhibition | Galerie feinart berlin

04/2017 Women's Essence Paris | Espace Commines 

11/2016 Artist in Residence | Gallery ART Vision Otto Nagel, Istanbul

10/2016 Dramas on Canvas | Tristan & Isolde, Berlin

02/2016 art exhibition Mercedes-Benz-Center Berlin-Reinickendorf

2015 Schöneberger Art Berlin

2014, 2015, 2016 "Galerie Denk-Mal", Nauen

09/2015-02/2016 Sinnsüchte | Café Noura, Berlin

04/2015 Wunderblöcke - sich verfertigende Gedanken | Schönwalde (Glien)

2013, 2015 participation in Offene Ateliers Havelland

11/2014 KunstEvent Zeit-Geister | Lettrétage Berlin

11/2013 Un-Wesen: nächtliche Portraits von Leidenschaften | Kulturhaus Babelsberg, Potsdam

05/2013 Traumgestalten | Galerie Schneeweiß, Falkensee

Author, blogger and curator Silke Tobeler visited the exhibition "Wunschmaschinen"

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