no bodies minds

Corporeality, in its diversity of expressive values and types, as well as its sensitivity to any deformation, is a leading source of works that Maria Wirth presents in the exhibition. They show bodies and figurative constellations that are fragmented, caught in alien postures, sometimes naked and distorted, posing or dancing, and always fragile. What connects the works in their content, are their hermetic references to motifs from ancient mythologies and philosophical discourses that are interested in all faces of passion, the search for the self and the zones of indeterminacy existence has.


The German philosopher Hermann Schmitz said that art is "the result of an encounter of the body with the feelings". In this sense, the figures set in powerful color spaces are seen as visible counterparts of realities of the emotional and thought-life. Here corporeality proves to be something permeated by the mind and the emotional life, and on the contrary, spirit and feeling show themselves as something that does not exist without corporeality.



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