16th August 2019 to 22nd September 2019

Opening reception 16th August 2019 18:00-21:00 - with musical interpretations of musician, singer, componist und lyricist Zhenja Oks

(c) Photos: Ali Mazloomian, Marek Benczewski

FaceAbilities. Portraits à la Art

We present six positions of the genre "Portrait" that in their technique and content approach are very different. Each of the artistic positions for itself and, even more, the juxtaposition of their differences and similarities give insights into the magic and the intimate intuition for the Other that characterizes artistic portraits.

By portrait, we mean the representation of a person with the special claim of using artistic means to capture something essential of that person. The Latin word origin protrahere (pull-out) recalls how closely linked it is to a process of discovery and disclosure. It is about the exploration and visualization of the character, the personality and also the history of the person to be portrayed.

At the same time, every portrait always reflects its originator, for its vision and expressive language are what illuminates the model.

The path to a successful portrait is a dialogue with the counterpart, leaded by the artist's gaze, his observation and his empathy. While on the one hand it testifies the artist’s fine sensorium for realistic reproduction, the portrait transcends it at the same time: toward what we call the "inner," the "essence" of a human being.

The 6 artists
Sara Assadi - painting and object frames | Jan Beumelburg - painting, drawing and etching | Frank Jerke - photography | Hamid Sadighi Neiriz - staged photography | Ilona Ottenbreit - painting and drawing | Boriana Pertchinska - painting and transformation on wood and jute


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